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Straw Poll Cites Bt Benefits

Three-fourths of growers surveyed in a recent straw poll cited “no human toxicity” as the most valuable benefit of using Bts for insect control.....Read more

Good For People, Bad For Worms

While some growers across the country are just getting started with their plans for summer “U-pick” crops, Dean Bruschi of D&D Farms has been at it for months.....Read more

2011 Bt Research

Dr. Marcus Adair, Senior Field Research and Development Scientist for Valent Biosciences Corporation shares insight on current research issues.....Read more

A Look Forward

At Brandt Farms near Reedley, California, Wayne Brandt is busy protecting his peaches from any chance of a constant bug hatch. Watch for that video story in our next edition of “A BioRational Approach.”....Read more

It's Pre-game for Many Fruit Growers

Pest control season for California stone fruit producers is fast approaching and many growers are what doing what football coaches might call “pre-game planning.”....Read more

Take our survey and an iPod may be yours

We are conducting a brief survey to better understand the value of the Biorational Approach and to understand how you see Bts may assist you.....Read more

Resolving to Make the Most of your Applications

New Year’s resolutions you can use to enhance your Bt program. There are two concepts that critical to the application of Bts: apply them early and apply them thoroughly.  ....Read more

Harvesting the Benefits

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bts is the variety of benefits they provide. While highly effective control of worm pests is the core benefit of Bt, how and when they provide that control is what makes the sum of the parts so appealing.....Read more

BioRational Approach Continues to Grow

How many products can you think of that continue to increase in sales after nearly 40 years on the market? Record sales of Bts on a global scale in 2010 is one clear indication that benefits bringing value to U.S. growers are increasingly being realized around the world.....Read more